Thistle Rose Studio exists to promote the fiber and glass arts, as well as any other craft or art, including music and theatre. TRS is here to promote the needle craft hobbies, the natural and primitive arts and crafts, glass work, homesteading lifestyles and organic farming and gardening; mostly to offer free information and share our progress with various things.  I try offer help and guidance in what I know, and direction to the sources for the things I do not.  It is here to teach and extend the appreciation of these things.

Thistle Rose Studio has been a virtual gift and craft shop operating as a sole-proprietorship in the states of Tennessee, Kentucky and Vermont since 2003, in adherence with all federal, state, county and city laws, regulations and licenses.   It is not a physical shop, but has offered items for sale via online shops and provided custom work as ordered.  TRS also offered instruction in the needlework arts and sewing (which I still do at times).  I do not generally sell my works, but tend, instead, to give them away.  It is my therapy.  My joy.  I am more artisan than artist, creating useful items.

Of myself, I am a wife, mother, disabled, and into much of a muchness including glass bead making, beadwork, leatherwork, wire weaving, clay, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, quilting, and all kinds of primitive crafts. I also love to engage in historical reenactments and do costuming.   We are a homeschooling (read: radical unschooling) family.

Lisa Murray    Westmoreland, TN

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