Wednesday, January 10, 2018

TR Gypsy

Now has its own page! It's a temporary place until I can get something permanent set up. it's at

Still working on things for that business as well as getting some other stuff done!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Still moving along...

Serger ordered! I decided on the good one, since I will be going into commercial production. This baby is on it's way to me along with all the needed accessories.

I'm working on the business aspects and new logo for the Thistle Rose Gypsy shop which will be an Internet presence to start.  I will be working on designing and making gypsy/boho inspired clothing, with some prairie touches, maybe some early American and other re-enactment touches from my costuming past. In the future, I may even add cosplay and costuming!  Accessories and even some wall hangings may be included.  I'm currently looking for wholesale fabric suppliers (while I wait for my resale cert) and think there are even some quite close to me.

Then, phase 2, which will be a store front to include my sewn, knit, crochet, macrame, and woven creations along with a yarn shop. Also, some of my watercolors and cards. My vision of the shop will be about 75% yarn shop and 25% boutique, with about 30% of the yarn shop a place for the local fiber arts guilds to come and relax with their work. We have a few in town that I know of and I am sure more folks would love to join in. I would like it to be a very casual atmosphere with no pressures - just come and work on whatever you have to work on.  I will also offer free advice and help - with my limited knowledge.  One feature will be an area where folks can sell their own creations in the shop on consignment if they would like.   The theme and decor will be gypsy/boho inspired.

One of the reasons for this venture is for the business experience Ash would like to gain. She is learning first hand how to open and run a business, and will be helping with her expertise in costuming (she knows about characters and continuity) and cosplay, modeling creations (dang child is only about an inch shorter than I am now, and I am not short!), and eventually working in the shop itself to gain work experience for her resume. Homeschooling allows us to incorporate this hands-on experience so easily.

And, no, this isn't a whim. I've actually had this in mind for the past 20 years. My aunt Vivian, rest her soul, had a yarn shop (Viv's Yarn) in Hayward, California and I remember it well. Though, mine won't be patterned after hers, it will be a simple, hometown shop.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Movin right along...

Slowly getting into the swing of things.

Considering a Serger.  Not sure which  yet, but most likely a Singer to go with my workhorse Singer machine.  Necessary for my plans :>  Probably one of these:

I've been fighting off a chest infection, but managed to get a few things in.  Macrame:

And a birthday card I made for my mom:

What I'm working on next is a neck warmer for a friend in this basic style:
Celtic cable in center with for columns rice stitch on either side.

And, I am thinking of putting together this great idea!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018!

And a safe, happy, healthy new year to all.

Plans afoot!  Based on Thistle Rose Studio - the Thistle Rose Gypsy is emerging!  She will be creating cloth creations in the very near future.  I am seeking purveyors (preferably wholesale) of natural cotton, linen, and wool fabrics for things upcoming. It's exciting! Be on the lookout for this barefoot, macrame weaving redhead bent over her sewing machine. A bit of sewing, a bit of macrame, a bit of bound paper, a bit of beadwork....

New addition to the studio!

Hub and I designed and built this nifty little sofa table behind our new sofa! BTW, the sofa has those neat recliners on either end :>  Everything is now neatly organized and labeled.  A few more organizers are ordered (one a wood die organizer coming from Ireland!) and should be in soon.  Hub has been spoiling me rotten this season (supposed to be his time off) with art supplies and working around the house.

My latest card:

Tried my hand at my first exploding card!

That's all for now!  More later on the business news.


Fun memes, though this lady describes the true meanings well: Gypsy/Boho/Hippy