Monday, December 18, 2017


Things and stuff!

Other than flu symptoms, I'm still going at it with the cards and watercolors.  Slowly building my stash and discovering my favorites! And journals! I've just learned, thanks to this video, how to glue bind to make journals, so I can make my own paint swatch and technique books for reference.

Sketchbooks   Check her out, she's pretty knowledgeable!

Now, back to my favs....

Other than the Misfit, another great instructor I've found is here: The Mind of Watercolor.   He has some great basic techniques which I plan to put into practice for my books, once my glue comes in. Another fun and informative channel is Jay Lee.

Watercolor Favs!

My Amazon wish list is getting quite long with some of the things I'm finding I simply can't live without.  To that, my favorite brands are emerging, such as:

THE paper. The stuff I originally had was like pressed toilet paper, and about all it was good for. This stuff is lovely!
Only the cold pressed and 130# and greater.

Watercolor in liquid. 

And inks to match!

Really lovely tube watercolors. I find I don't like pan colors so much.
Grumbacher brushes. 

All this is coming together to define my style I think, both in painting in general and the cards themselves.  My cards, I think, will settle more into the watercolor and acrylic painted cards with the embellishments from the dies, stamps, and embossed pieces. My next major addition will be a light box, which I find are coming in more compact and inexpensive LED versions now, thank goodness! UPDATE: Got this for Christmas!

Another thing I will be getting (back) into, and something I did as a youngster way back when, is lino block printing.  That was a lot of fun and can really add to my card making style. So many things, and stuff (as Direwolf says!).

And, adding to my card making things, my next piece of equipment will probably be the stamp platform.  I find the newer type stamps that are clear to be so much cleaner and easier to use than the old rubber stamps.

Plus paper quilling...

And speaking of things... my mother shared this on my FB page and wow... if only!

Until next time!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Winter days...

have hit, even though it's not exactly winter, per se...  been chilly here in middle Tennessee!

I've been making cards and even have a commission! Yay.  Just wanted to share my latest, as it incorporates my newest endeavor - watercolor. I've been learning a lot from a Youtuber who goes by the name of the Watercolor Misfit and she is an awesome teacher. You can find her here: Watercolor Misfit

And here is my latest card and watercolor creation.

I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest, and had it sketched and painted before I found out there is actually a rubber stamp for it! So, yeah, I have that stamp on order. But it was fun to get it sketched and painted. I've some decent supplies on order that should be in Saturday, and hopefully will be able to start my first official course with the Misfit to learn more watercolor techniques.

This one done on commission from my wonderful hubby - for a co-worker and his wife. Not a good picture of it, and I'm having such trouble with the cheap watercolor paper I have. I can't wait until my good paper arrives - hopefully very soon!

I did get into my trains this past week, in spite of an oncoming flu bug.

I decided to put them on narrow shelves above my computer.  This is the Flying Scotsman and the Hogwart's Express, as well as a little toy train my daughter gave me from the Rainforest Cafe at Nashville's own Opry Mill's mall at the new Opryland. Most know that Nashville is known as the Country music capital of the world, but did you know that Nashville is also home to the Barbershop Harmony Society, which is the Barbershop Quartet music folks?  So awesome to live in the Nashville area!  Speaking of music, once Christmas is over, I hope to be getting back to my piano lessons as well as the mandolin and violin (remember the purple violin?) once I can get all the decorations off the piano!!

And, as everyone who knows me knows, I dearly love barbershop music!  I wish I had the voice to do this, and even sing a Capella again.  They have classes... maybe someday I'll get down there for it.

Minecraft. Ah, I've not had much chance to do this of late with the holidays, but I have been following Direwolf's Season 9 let's play and downloading his worlds.  I so love his modpack.  So chock full of great mods and easy for beginners.  Interested? Check him out here: Season 9

Anyway, that's all for now. Back to my cards and art!


Friday, December 8, 2017

Stay tuned...

I've been rather under the weather lately and having a lot of tests and stuff done to figure out why I can't seem to keep food in my system, so I've not been doing a whole lot. But... I have plans! Bwaahahaahaa... many plans.

I have a lot of new dies and embossing plates in for the Sizzix Big Shot Plus, as well as stamps and things.

More importantly... I have the Flying Scotsman! Yes!
This baby was a gift from my wonderful hubby a while back, which took its place next to the Harry Potter train (yes, I still have that lovely little collector item, currently selling for $425 on Amazon).  I just wish I had the space to permanently set these up! But, I will be getting this one out shortly and testing it out, and posting some pics, hopefully.

So, yes, plans in the making! In the meantime, I've been watching more of Direwolf20, cataloging my incoming Sizzix stuff, listening to more Main Street (Congrats on your gold, boys!) and other barbershop, and designing cards and other artsy things.

Stay tuned!