Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On a personal note...

This page is under complete revision as my health issues have made it necessary to adjust my hobbies from glasswork to more gentler venues, such as card making. Arthritis and fibromyalgia are nasty bitches, as is the physiological brain damage issues (yes, things like bipolar and schitzo that I am not ashamed to admit) that make it difficult to continue working with a flame that melts glass at 1500 plus degrees f.  Crazy? Honey, I'm the love child of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

I will be posting here mostly on goings-on, neat-findings, yummy wines and recipes, cool Minecraft vids I've found, and other things I find of interest. Because, hey, it's my blog and I can.  I have removed all the previous posts (not deleted, simply removed from this blog) in order to start anew.

I fell it necessary to clarify a few concerns:

1. My family has NOT, I repeat NOT, fallen apart. I realize there are still those out there in the world who wish our demise, sadly enough. But, no. My husband and I, along with our lovely daughter, are still going strong.  In fact, we're even stronger, having come through the fire, as it were. The only changes to our lives of late is my wonderful husband's decision to come off the road as a truck driver and change to another type of work which brings him home every night and every weekend, utilizes his excellent supervisory skills, and has not diminished his salary. He's lost considerable weight and has become so much healthier, even now as he has celebrated his 62nd birthday.  Again, issues in our family have only served to make us even stronger as a couple and as a family. I have to say I am so grateful for such a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband, as well as the most awesome daughter in the universe. In short, we are EXCEEDINGLY happy and secure and will remain so.  And I am back after a serious and lengthy illness! Thank you to those who stood by me through it all.

2. Yes, I have given up most of my accounts on social media. The rest are heavily locked down. This is due mainly to my increasing health issues. And, I just don't tolerate drama well. I have also given up playing Minecraft on servers, mainly due to the drama and other issues I have encountered.  I still play Minecraft, mostly modded, on my own and enjoy it immensely. My main MC "crush" is Direwolf20 and I tend to ignore the rest.  My family takes precedence, however. No, I (nor my husband) do not have to communicate with those I do not wish to communicate with, and no, I do not have to force my child to communicate with those she does not wish to communicate with. I will not allow myself to be abused in any fashion, nor will I allow others to abuse my family. For those who do not agree, I can only say, "Too bad, so sad."  Yes, I do have friends. Very good friends, and more than enough to sustain my needed levels of friendship and support.  We associate with healthy, happy, and non-abusive people.

Some may find it odd that I do not respond to their communication efforts.  This may be because I have their emails and phone numbers blocked due to their persistent harassment. For me, unwanted contact is considered harassment. If I have not contacted you, it may be because you are blocked.  If I have had issues with you in the past, this is likely the case. If not, it may be that your email is going to spam, or you may be calling an old, defunct number. For the former, please note that I have become even less tolerant of drama and harassment than in the past. For the latter, I will endeavor to check my spam folders more often. My "grillintheroad" email is still functional. We do not associate with dysfunctional people, especially those who choose to wallow in drama and choose to live hateful, spiteful lives. Life is too short.

Speaking of Grillin' The Road, the revision of the book is still on hold due to the need of editing I have to get done.  This is in the works.  I plan on completely revamping the book (name and all) and putting it back on the market, but there are other projects that are on the list of higher priority. You can still download the original book in PDF format, for free, on the www.grillintheroad.com webpage, errors and all. The original book will be removed from publication.

Future projects will, of course, depend on my health issues. My priority right now is my family.  I still homeschool my daughter, and take care of my family and household. That takes a lot of my dwindling energies, unfortunately. The rest I fill in as I can, contributing to the community as I can, cutting and pasting paper, being a gypsy, and chasing skellies and zombies when possible.


Lisa, aka Ysabet