Thursday, November 30, 2017

All the cards...


Black Friday was spent with my daughter at our local art studio, just hanging out with our friend, Tami and some other folk, enjoying the day.  While I didn't make any cards, I did some painting with her help and had a very relaxing day.

The really great thing was that when I got home, my new Sizzix embosser had arrived. I don't know who was more excited about it, me or my husband.

My new toy to replace my torch and kiln. Kind of the slicer and dicer of the paper world, This is the Big Shot Plus. I can now emboss and cut shapes like a pro. Pro what, I have no clue, but it's fun.  Tami even loaned me some of her plates and folders to play with. And gave me  her mulled wine recipe (I so love that woman). For those who wonder, all my glass stuff is going to Tami.

The nice thing about making cards and such is that they are relatively small and can incorporate so many different media. No big commitment and I can walk away from it without worrying about forgetting to leave a torch on and possibly burning down a house.  These are some of my first cards post-embosser. I did a few cards for friends for the holidays, but forgot to get pictures of them.

Since discovering this hobby venue, I've found so many ideas on sites like Pinterest and the supplier sites like Sizzix, Altenew and Hero Arts.  Stamps and Embossing plates and Dies, oh my!


Other than that, I've been following Direwolf20's Season 9 in his Modded Minecraft Series, but not had a lot of time to actually play.  Now that he's getting into the Actually Additions mod I'm just going to have to make more time. It's quite the therapy.

Modified 9x9 - the Direwolf Special
Episode 1 of his series:

Ad Nauseum

And the days go on. Still dealing with health issues.  Gearing up for the holidays and doing a lot of cooking. I made all my mirepoix, bouillons, and relishes yesterday.  All is well in our little corner of the world.

Carry on.