Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bad health

Unfortunately, my health of late has taken a very bad turn for the worst. I've not been able to do much of anything.  I am not sure when I'll be back up and running again.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Been a while...

... since I updated this page.  I've been doing other things and haven't been doing much in the way of crafts or beadwork.  We've moved and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. And, yes, I've taken down Beadothicary.com - I just had too many pages going.  However, the original blog page is here: https://beadothicary.blogspot.com./

PSA: Upcoming event April 29 in Westmoreland:

I've just set up my glass table again in the new place, and hope to get back into working with glass very shortly.  Please note: I and my family are in no way associated with the Westmoreland Center of the Arts, aka COTA. Nor do we wish to be.

In progress.  I now have a vent system in place.

I've also invested in a few instruments! I'm relearning the violin, and hoping to pick up the mandolin (thanks to my new instructor - Joe Caverlee and Grampa's Music in downtown Westmoreland) and the piano. Ash just got a couple of harmonicas, and I still can't seem to find my tin whistle.

The Purply Sparkly Violin

Electric piano!

My mandolin

What Ash calls the Moon Drum

Ash's tambourine

Downtown Westmoreland (Grampa's Music)

Downtown Westmoreland (Old Country Store and church to the far right)

Downtown Westmoreland (old Mike's Foodland location)

Some of my woodworking projects:
Porch roof and railings, to be stained/painted

Hitch cover, to be stained/painted

New piano stand - awaiting a dark walnut stain finish

The culinary arts continue.  Charlie has a new job so my ideas for lunches is put to good use (Grillin The Road).  Speaking of, I found these beauties at the Old Country Store in town:

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from the Napa Valley, California.

More later!