Monday, February 16, 2015

Progress on the finishing touches...

Have I mentioned... I love my studio!  It's awesome. I just wish I had more time to play in it, and the weather would warm up so I can actually run the equipment. Sigh.

But, there has been progress.
Glass storage pretty much done. I may add more tubes later.
About half the tubes have glass stored in them, with room for more. 
Pretty much all the basic needs are installed in the studio. Now just to practice!  

What is most important is safety, which is present to the max. Concrete floor, sturdy ventilation system. Safety equipment such as water bowl, burn lotion, eye protection, leather apron, and an easy exit in case of emergency. I have a fire extinguisher installed right behind my chair, and I have been trained on how to use it. Oxygen condenser means no heavy oxygen tanks to move around, and propane is always stored outside.

Next, I will be posting bits and pieces of my set up, and how I (particularly) do glass. Sort of a walk though my journey in learning lampwork. I also hope to put together a PDF of how I set up my shop, the equipment I use, and my book library. There are those who have "taught" me the important issues of glass melting and I wish to give them credit.