Friday, February 27, 2015

Frit Tray & Etching tin from sugar/salt tin...

Someone gave me some Margarita mix and a sugar rimmer tin once for a birthday. While the mix and sugar are long gone, I kept the tin. I'm pretty sure the one I had came from World Market, but they can be bought anywhere, such as Amazon or most any liquor store.   Early summer is a great time to find them. They run around $7 and the salt or sugar can be used for other things, if you aren't into Margaritas. They are about 5" in diameter. They are made of aluminum, so easy to cut notches in, but are sturdy enough to hold shape and use often.

Etching tin - from the bottom part

Notches cut in the sides and bent down to hold mandrels for drying.
I use a cream and brush it on. The tin catches the drips
and I can turn the mandrel as it rests in the grooves.

Frit Tray - from the lid

Again - notches cut (I used a tin snip) and bent down to hold mandrel if needed,
or get bead closer to the frit in the tray.
The lid is only 3/8" deep with lots of room to roll the bead around.

Salt Rimmer from Amazon.
I'm thinking this flavor would be good on roasted chicken for a Mojo flavoring. 

This might be good in lemonaid or iced tea.