Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beads and Kits and Videos, oh my!

Beads I made yesterday to try out a couple of techniques. Then I spent the evening watching videos to learn more!

First, the Beads...

Beads made 2/17/15
The large one is almost 2" in diameter.

The fish and Snake made for Ashley.
They are my first attempt at these, as are the drop beads.
The one on the mandrel has poked dot air bubble beads.

The Kits...
I put my most used supplies and tools in kits for easy storage and use. This way, if I want to do my cleaning or whatever elsewhere, I just grab the kit and move; I don't have to scurry about looking for the bits and pieces needed.

My bead cleaning kit.
A shoebox bin with various jars, pliers, bead reamer/clearner and cloths.
Jars to hold water:
  • Water carrier (quart jar)
  • Beads on mandrels to soak  and soak mandrels after removal: (tall jar)
  • Beads after taken off mandrel: Small jar
  • Beads to clean in water: plastic bowl (old lemonade mix lid)
  • Beads to rinse: small jar
  • Pliers for holding mandrel for stubborn beads
  • Cloths to dry beads and protect work surface
  • Small cloth to grab bead when removing from mandrel

My kits for cleaning beads and mandrels

mandrel cleaning: cleaner pads (scrubbers), jar to store and hold water to rinse mandrels, cloth to dry mandrels
The cloth is a piece of flour sack cloth. These can be found at Wal-Mart for $5 a pack of four large cloths.
The parts store in the jar
Kit for bead etching. 

Shoebox size bin
Jars for cleaning
Etching cream (takes 1 minute to etch glass)
Paint brush to apply etching cream
Flat tin with groves cut out to hold a mandrel while etching cream works - catches drips
I cut the notches with tin snips.
The tin is a margarita sugar tin from World Market
Cloth to protect work surface (another flour sack towel)
How to use etching cream:  apply cream to surface, wait 1 minute, rinse thoroughly.
You can use clear nail polish to cover areas you don't want etched.
Also available is etching solution to dip the bead in. I've not used that yet.
Beads not yet etched with cream.

After etching.

And the Videos...

Fascinating creation of a disc bead
Kristina Logan, Corning Museum of Glass

Lovely rainbow bead
Jeannie Cox

Basic encased bead
Laura Sparling

Life on a String: Beadmaking
 And my favorite of all:
Stephanie Sersich