Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wonkies for me mum!

First, today's batch:
The far left red bead is 4 mm in diameter.
The larger solid color beads in the middle will be etched.

These are the beads I made yesterday!

Mostly blue ones

Smalls. The middle one is about 5 mm in diameter.

And these are for my mother, who just had her 83rd birthday:
Mum likes blue! The ones to the far left are approx. 1 cm in diameter.

I'm in the process of making more (kiln is cooling) and deciding what tools I must have soon. I've been organizing my mandrels, and, of course, decided I don't have enough.  And, designing some mandrel holders for the workbench for coated mandrels ready to make beads on.
The mandrel storage tubes.