Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Studio Re-Do!

I spent all day, one day recently, in the studio re-doing much of what needed to be done, including the vent system, fixing a window for a vent, raising my bench up a few inches so I can stand as well as sit, and some other things.  I've been collecting various things for years and it's nice to be able to get it all together in one place and usable. Whenever hubby comes home from the road, I have him up in the attic looking for boxes of stuff that goes in this room. Though, I think he's gone through every one of them. Wish I could climb that ladder!

The biggest concern was getting everything off the floor in case of a flood (washing machine), which isn't likely to happen. And looking neat and organized. Because, well... you know... the lampwork police might show up someday. Above all else, safety is my main concern, always. The good thing is that the floor is concrete.

My very first bench (still using it! Just updated as below) with the first kit I got, in the middle of my garage, using scrap materials.
Here is an earlier post when I first started this...
Next: Some sheet metal on the wall behind the kiln area along with some fire retardant insulation or at least some spacers, more PVC pipe to make more glass storage, track lighting for better light and a wood/pegboard cover to protect the water heater.

The kiln. I made the stand, with wheels.
The kiln sits on two 18" square ceramic tiles.
The kiln is a Paragon Bluebird and I love it!
The shelf below will have a PVC pipe rod holder.

The workbench - redone!
I took off all the extraneous pieces and opened it up a bit.
New exhaust hood goes to the fan in the window from a scrap metal box.
My new chair - a birthday present!

The workroom.
It's amazing what one can re-use - most of this is re-used materials.
I need to reorganize the shelves.
I have plans for a protective cover for the water heater.
Most likely it will be made of pegboard so I can hang tools from it.

Tools and glass and beads, oh my.
Fire extinguisher, MAPP gas for the hothead torch, and cork board.
And the TARDIS, of course.

Top of the bench.
Homemade armrests from scrap wood, batting, and leather pieces.
The Devardi Spartan torch., which I absolutely love.
Not sure where I got the torch-mounted marver, but the rest
either came from Mountain Glass Arts or Devardi.

The other side of the bench.
The metal on the wall has spacers for airspace behind.
Left to right: fiber blanket for small-bead cooling, basket of marvers, and rod warmer,
plus jar of water and rod rests.
The entire bench is covered with ceramic tile or other heat-resistant substance.
The silver surface on the left is the board that came with my first bead making kit.

My kiln gloves, lampworking apron, glasses and spark lighter.
The O2Con is hiding behind the apron.
O2Con means I don't have to worry about oxygen tanks!
Naturally, the propane tank is outside.

Books and stuff - good place for this stuff.

Tools and prepared mandrels ready
Windowsill holds more mandrels, bead release, and frit maker.
These will most likely be moved elsewhere... 

More tools. This will be moved in the very near future.
Maybe tomorrow.
Or I just may use it for my marvers, smashers, and cutters.
For now.

Beadwork, stained glass, and leather tools, as well as some of my Mountain Glass Arts rods.

More stuff and the computer for music and videos.
The computer also needs a better place.
I am considering mounting the monitor on the wall and getting
a USB mouse/keyboard.
Eh, it's a good use for an old computer.
But, it may just be easier to use this as a backup and bring my laptop out. Yeah.

Tool overflow - to be moved.

Devardi glass rods & a light.
Trying to think of a better place for the glass.

The outside of the window with the vent fan.

Some of my inspiration found around the Internet: