Sunday, January 4, 2015

Armrests for work bench...

Today I finally got into the scrap wood bin and made some arm rests for the glass work table.  This will make things easier for when I am working long hours at the torch!

I used scrap wood, pieces of leather (from my scrap steampunk leather bin) and some padding to make them.  I just need to find a mechanism to allow me to move them easily out of the way when I need to.  Other than the equipment and supplies, the table was made with all scraps from the garage.

6:30 pm: Tried the new set up out with the new Dominapron and made about a dozen beads. The apron fits great and the arm rests really help to support my arms, so I can concentrate more on the glass and mandrel in my hands.

Beads done using the new armrests and trying out various colors and types of glass in different parts of the flame: