Monday, September 8, 2014


School has started back up again (for me) and four classes are being hacked through.  But, I have managed to find some time to finally update the glass studio (and craft work area).  It still needs work, but this is a start!

9/9: The studio is finished! At least, for now.  Pics here:

Rod warmer and Paragon Bluebird Kiln on just made wheeled cart topped with 18" ceramic tile.
The kiln is about 28" wide.
The cart wheels around away from the wall for use.

Work bench with oxygen condenser ready to hook up. If it weren't for homework...

Tools specific to lamp working.

Bits and parts for the torch hook up.  The torch is a Spartan from Devardi Glass.
Fan parts ready to be installed in the window board for ventilation.
New glass rods by window from Mountain Glass Arts

Outside propane tank storage area. 

Now all I need is TIME to melt some glass!!

Next acquisition: the apron!