Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bead making

I finally got caught up enough to spend some time with the new torch and kiln today.  I couldn't do a lot, thanks to the health issues, but I did manage to get about a dozen beads made - testing the flame and seeing how it all worked.  The dual fuel torch melts the glass faster, so I am having to relearn, as well as adjust to the larger work area in the flame.  The kiln works great - programmable, so I can just set it and let it go.

I have made myself a list of bead projects - kind of a self-taught class - using Corina's book "Passing the Flame".  I'll start with basic beads and work with each until I get relatively good at it, then go to the next: shaped, dots, encasing, sculpture, and florals.  I have the tools and a bunch of glass now, all I need is the time and energy!

School keeps me pretty busy with the four classes and all the other extra-curriculars I'm in, but I will find time!