Friday, July 25, 2014

Studio Update

My hideout - the laundry room!  But, since there is plenty of space, it is now the craft room!   Much of this room was put together with items I had in storage and garage.

Shelving units.  

Peg board and glass shelves

Spice racks

Dremel stuff

Glass rod holder made out of PVC

Peg board for lampwork tools

Work bench

Cork board

The room

Work area

Movable table for books


More holders

Tools at hand

Parmesan container - reuse for bulk beads, etc

The lid also fits canning jars

Various things can be used for beading

Clay roller

1# gas holder

Wood yardstick screwed to edge of 1x12 shelf worksurface provides a lip to catch runaway beads

Bead board