Monday, July 21, 2014

Progress on the beading...

With a bit of work reorganizing the garage and utility room, I now have the perfect place for my beadwork. Near future plans include upgrading to a dual-fuel torch system with the propane source (will be housed just outside, there is a convenient hole for the pipe right by the dryer vent) and an oxygen concentrator, a vent hood system that will have a fan seated in the top of the window unit, and a full-wall shelving / workbench unit with a dedicated electrical outlet for the kiln.

Right now I'm still on the single-fuel Hothead torch and doing very well with the bead making.

First shaped beads made

The work area:

The bead making table

Glass storage

Some glass shelves I made once
The area that will soon house a shelf unit, a work table and the area for the kiln.
An old heating unit was removed from the wall with a convenient power source of the right amperage.
The workarea will be storage, beadwork/wirework, clay work and other crafts. 

Current Glass Craft Bookshelf