Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brag post...

Well, not really.  Because it's not bragging if you can back it up! (Mohammed Ali).

This time last summer I started taking classes at the local community college.  Fortunately, our community college is accredited and classes transfer to the accredited university level, but are much cheaper than the university courses.  When I started there, I didn't anticipate doing as well as I have.

I won't go into extreme detail or the struggles I had last fall semester due to health issues (and overcame), but will highlight what I have accomplished so far.  Not bad for this 50 year-old lady.

I'm in the Business / Logistics program.  Now, some people might think that's an easy program, but it isn't.  It's very challenging, especially when one takes five classes at once!  Some of the courses are very intense.

So, I managed to get in all the classes for the first stage - Technical Certificate in Logistics.  This will lead to my A.A.S. in logistics and onward to a business/logistics degree at the university level.  Not only did I earn my logistics certificate last semester, but graduated with many honors. Now, honors such as Summa Cum Laude (3.8-4.0 GPA) don't apply to a Certificate, but I made that level.  Last semester I not only passed my five business classes, I passed them all with A's.  I walked in the commencement to receive my certificate with my three honor society stoles and cords, two earned scholarships, and invitation to join the Honor's Program, an invitation to become a Supplemental Instruction Leader (both of which I accepted), and a letter of commendation for being on the Dean's list as well as the Honor Roll (requiring 18 hrs collegiate classes as well as a minimum 3.75 GPA).  Helping me along the way are my wonderful family members, friends, faculty and staff at my college, my association with TRIO, as well as my colleagues at ISM-Nashville, a professional logistics and supply chain organization.  My honor societies are those requiring a high level of achievement as well as participation, and I have been elected to be secretary for one of them (NSLS) for next fall.

All of this does not make me want to brag or rest on my laurels.  It makes me want to strive for excellence and surpass that which I have obtained.  I am humbled and grateful, as the most wonderful Brenda Buffington at the college has said!

This summer I am taking off to spend time with my lovely daughter and do some fun things such as go to the zoo, science museums, parks, malls, and other things that suit her fancy.  Then, come fall, back to work!

Me at the commencement 10 May 2014

KBD - Business affiliated honor society

NSLS (president's status) Honor Society, of which I will be chapter secretary

PTK - Honor Society

Letter of Dean's List/Honor Roll
Me with my advisor/instructor, George Wilson, at the Awards Night, May 2014

Me and Scott Little showing off in the commencement line
KBD Inductees (I am third from the left) 1 May 2014
Actual screenshot of Spring 2014 grades.
It doesn't include my previous high level grades in history, composition, pre-calculus algebra and trigonometry, political science, and anthropology (latter two from UGA)