Friday, January 25, 2013

First knit/crochet Wrist Warmers & a Flick

I just finished these - quick and easy project.

Steampunk Wrist Warmers!  Yarn from my stash.

Also, found this via one of my Steampunk groups on FB: LOVE IT!!!  It's on Netflix.  It's called Going Postal and it's funny as all get out. At least, to me.  Love the Pin shop!

"Skillful con artist Moist Von Lipwig finds the tables turned when it's he himself who's conned into becoming the Ankh-Morpork postmaster general, a position that has not been filled in years."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Corset and Necklace Update

I've finished the corset and it's accouterments, and made a necklace.  Now to work on other pieces parts.  I've had this upholstery fabric for years in my fabric stash, and the bin of jewelry parts - finally a use for!

The corset well decorated

Keys and watches

Strap decor

More keys and watches

The necklace.  Not sure if that's a bee or a fly or what on the pendant, but it looks cool. 

SP Weaponry

Many of my friends know my love for weapons - swords, knives, guns and sonic screwdrivers.  Steampunk has given me an outlet there as well!  Here is my first SP pistol.  Not what I had planned, but a start.  The original light source I was going to use required too many batteries for the size of the piece. It's lighted with a flashlight.  I plan on planning a large rifle-like SP piece with sound and flashing lights next.

A stash of tools and parts I happen to have around the house, the mad scientist workshop has begun.  Being it's too cold to hit the workshop in the garage, the dining room table has been transformed and taken over.

The pieces parts.  

Using some stained glass techniques with foil tape and a soldering iron, the glass pieces are put together to form a tube. They are then stained with a green glass stain.  

Copper pipe and elbows make the rest of the barrel, partly wrapped in leather, with various pipe pieces running through. One holds the long, thin flashlight.  Pipe pieces wrapped in a brass sheeting also make the base for the stock. 

The finished piece with plenty of steampunk decor and wire.  I also used some old telescope filters I had scrounged years ago for the sight, which is a brass pipe piece.  Leather for the handle. A small clock face and hand on the sight always lets me know when it's tea time. 

The other side. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Costumes

The Steampunk garb line - still in progress but nearly done.  One corset, one skirt, three blouses, so far. The corset is versatile for most time periods, just need to make a longer skirt.  I am working on jewelry and accessories now.  Not bad from stuff I had in stash around the house!  Most of the costume parts were made from old curtains and bed ruffles.

White blouse, corset and skirt. 1/12/13 
With black blouse 1/13/13
Updated corset with burgundy blouse 1/14/13
My favorite blouse so far

And these will go on the hat - the ones I made a while ago.