Friday, April 6, 2012

Recreation of the Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I made these in caseloads years ago to go with the sewing sets. Very easy to make. Very handy and versatile.

I would advise using a shorter jar, like the square-based one, either the cup or pint size, as the quart jar tends to fall over.

These are the 8 oz jars.  One has a sewing kit, the other pins.  I still use these.   You can make a set - small threads, pins, buttons, etc. Baby food jars also work for smaller items such as snaps.  Simply use a hot glue gun to glue a circle of hemmed fabric around the side of the cap and glue on a nice ribbon or lace around it. 

You can get inexpensive travel sewing kits that fit nicely in these jars. You can also paint the metal rings to match. The top has a button sewn down (punch hole in the lid).  
Pattern (c) Lisa Murray 2002, 2012

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Sewing kit for Keeley (made 2009) with jars as above.

Sewing tote

Covered cans for pins, scissors, sewing tools, etc.

Project bucket

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